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Hot Fire Flow

Hot Power Flow

Heated at 90-96 degrees

This advanced beginner/intermediate 

vinyasa-style class guides students through more advanced postures and creative sequencing. Power links breathe to movement and may include arm-balances, inversions and twists to stretch and strengthen the body.

Warm Beginner Flow

Heated at 85-90 degrees

This class is for students seeking the foundations  of yoga, refinement of the practice, as well as anyone who is new to yoga & heated yoga  classes. This is a great class to learn pose alignment and ensure you’re practicing safely for  your body. This class offers modifications through educational cues & the use of props.  

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt


Yoga sculpt classes are the perfect blend of yoga and barre in a non-heated room. Expect bursts of cardio, barre and low impact strength training. This full body class fuses yoga sequences with blocks of barre designed to bring your muscles to fatigue aka “the burn” which creates muscle endurance and improves overall mobility and flexibility. Expect a rockin’ playlist curated to each workout. Designed for all levels and accessible for all ages.

Warm Slow Flow

Heated at 85-90 degrees

This all levels class flows at a slowed-down pace so there’s time to explore individual postures and transitions in a heated practice room. Newer  students find this class builds confidence and familiarity, while more experienced students refine  the fundamentals of alignment and dive into a deeper practice. You will gently engage, open and strengthen the body by tapping into accessible yoga poses, fluid movement and breath.

Warm Slow Flow



High Heels not mandatory! Heelz is a dancing state of mind.


This class is a safe space where you can feel empowered and your most confident self in your own way. This class inspires you to fully express yourself unapologetically.


Explore new ways to feel beautiful and move your body, embracing your sexuality.


Class structure includes warm up, short dance

choreography and cool down.

Playlist: Sexy, sassy and fun!

All-Levels welcome.

Dance Fever Vibes

We’re bringing the dance and living room club to GY!

This all levels class is a full body workout, celebrating the freedom and expression of your body through fun, approachable, high energy dance moves. You’re going to sweat, laugh and maybe even work through some shit with DFV.


New playlists each week curated around decades, pop music, and

today’s hits. Class structure will include a warm up, cardio session and cool down.


Indoor sneakers, barefoot or socks recommended.

Dance Fever Vibes
Belly Dancing For Beginners

Belly Dancing For

Ever wanted to try belly dance? Now’s your chance!


Come join this all inclusive, body-positive dance class where we will focus on executing movements with precision and strength, with a focus on a healthy posture. Belly dance has ancient roots and allows us to connect to our body while providing a low impact total body workout.


Class will run as follows: warm up, movement break down, a short choreography that will demonstrate how to connect and dance these movements, and ends with a cool down.

All levels welcome.  

Untitled design-4.png


This class is a dynamic fusion of barre work, light weights, non-impact cardio, and stretches designed for developing long and lean muscles. By activating small muscle groups this class provides cross training and aids in injury prevention and recovery. Barre is a high-energy class and is excellent for building strength in the legs, booty, core, and arms with rocking' up beat music!

Yin & Restore

Heated at 85 degrees

Yin and Restorative yoga provide students the opportunity to increase their range of motion with postures that target the connective tissues and joints. This practice consists of holding poses longer than other traditional forms of yoga in a way that safely and effectively opens the joints and keeps them supple. Pose variations and props will be offered to give students options for deepening a pose or taking a pose more gently. Each class will close with a soothing relaxation. All levels are welcome and can benefit from bringing Yin and Restorative yoga into their practice.


Hip Hop Fusion

Hip-hop is a dynamic form of dance that focuses on rhythm, style and confidence. This all levels class will prepare you for your next night out or your next TikTok video. Let loose and learn to pop, lock, and more.


Private Classes

Book a private or small group session with our expert instructors for Yoga, Dance or Personal Training.


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