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Greylock Yoga + Movement Health Coaching
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So many people have lost touch with their wellbeing throughout the pandemic; struggling to make time for movement, reduce  stress and bring joy back into their lives.


- Are you always exhausted?

- Anxious and stressed, 24/7?

- Struggling to make time for self care?

- Unhappy with your health and your body?

You deserve to feel like your most vibrant, balanced + healthiest self

Let's get them back!

Ready to take a holistic approach to your health & wellness goals, reconnect with yourself and live a healthy lifestyle with confidence & ease?


Unlock your potential for vibrant health and happiness with wellness coaching. This collaborative and flexible process will empower you to make impactful changes in nutrition, mindfulness and movement to maximize your health and wellbeing. 

Vibrant Life Coaching Package

3 months of 1:1 coaching and support

- ​More energy and less stress!


- Find balance and clarity while you create whole body wellness


- One 2 hour "Visioning Session" to identify your health goals and create a customized action plan to get there


- Three 1:1 individualized 60 minute coaching sessions​ (1 per month)


- Our personal commitment to your health and success

When you work towards your goals with Greylock Yoga, we’ll carefully examine all the elements that contribute to your wellness, identify goals, and find sustainable methods that work for you. We want everyone to know that transformation is possible, and true wellness is accessible. We work with clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding.

Member's $400

Non-Member's $450

Functional Health Coaching

Coming Soon!

Are You...

- Constantly running on fumes, zero energy, anxious and stressed 24/7


- You can’t seem to find a diet or workout plan that actually works for you… never mind stick to it


- You have painful periods, PMS, hot flashes or other hormonal imbalances and you have no idea where to start


- You always bloated, constipated or spending all day in the bathroom. Everything upsets your stomach and you have no idea why


- You feel alone on your health journey and every doctor you’ve seen dismisses your symptoms and tries to give you a quick fix


- Skin issues, acne, thyroid problems or autoimmune


- Your lab tests keep coming back “normal” but you don’t feel well…

Imagine if:

- You found ways to work WITH your body instead of against it


- You had comprehensive functional testing data on YOUR body and it finally gave you answers as to what’s going on with your health


- You ACTUALLY learned how to implement a sustainable and balanced

diet and exercise plan for YOUR body


- You could find JOY in creating habits that made healthy living sustainable


- You found the root cause of your symptoms and didn’t have to rely on bandaid fixes anymore


- You had access to a health coach who could listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and support you in your health journey

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