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Workshops + Special Events

Greylock Yoga + Movement

Yoga Nidra Workshop 

Friday, June 28th 5:30-7pm

Members:  $30

Non-members:  $35

Yoga Nidra is one of the most healing practices in yoga.  Deep relaxation is just as important as engaging the muscles for radiant health.  Through guided meditation, we will completely relax and restore the body.  We will bring ourselves into a deep state of calm and euphoria, and begin to create our  lives exactly the way we desire.  Not only a means of deep relaxation and healing, yoga Nidra is foremost a practice of creation.  Creation of whatever it is we want to bring into our lives.  

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Pranayama Workshop

Sunday, June 2nd 3-4:30pm

Members:  $30

Non-members:  $35

If you’ve ever wondered why your yoga teacher keeps telling you to breathe (when you clearly are), this workshop is for you. If pranayama is already a part of your yoga practice, this workshop can provide you with an opportunity to better understand and grow it. 


Pranayama can be described as a collection of breathing techniques that provide traditional and scientifically recognized benefits. This workshop will break down several of these breathing techniques. You will also be led through an all-levels flow that both supports the pranayama and demonstrates how the pranayama can support the poses.

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