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Greylock Yoga Group Class

First Time FAQ’s

Arrive 15-20 minutes early for your first class.


Sign up and purchase your Intro Offer of unlimited classes for your first month at $49, receive a free mat rental  & one of of our signature aromatherapy inhalers!  


Once you have familiarized yourself with the studio, if you arrive extra early, please wait in the main promenade area before class.



Thanks for submitting!

Our guide will help you clarify any confusion on what you need for class, and empower you to start your own journey toward a Vibrant Life filled with Mindful Movement + Body Confidence. 

Where are you located?

We are located in the Greylock Works, Studio B1.  Please enter through the Hello ramp, directly to the right there is a STUDIOS sign and door that will lead you to Greylock Yoga on the right.


Is there parking?

Yes! Just south of the concrete driveway off the Protection Avenue entrance there is a beautifully landscaped parking area with permeable pavers, pedestrian paths, and ample lighting. There are spaces for cars, bikes, and motorcycles.


Where are the bathrooms located?

Directly across from The Break Room.


Where can I change for class?

Please use the bathrooms, they are big, chic and unisex.


What do I bring to class:

Yoga Classes:  You WILL sweat. Suitable clothing for heated yoga class is best.  Yoga mat, (we do have rentals) Long yoga towel if preferred.  Hand towels will be available, free of charge. Water bottle.  Local Sand Springs water available. 


Dance Classes: Feel good clothes to boogie in!  Barefoot, socks, indoor sneakers and non-black sole heels allowed. 


Yoga Sculpt & Core N’ More:  We have balls and 3lbs weights.  If you would like to bring your own heavier set of weights please do.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Beginning January 15th, we'll be officially enforcing our Late Cancel + No Show Policies. Your understanding and cooperation will ensure a smooth experience for everyone. Please take a moment to review our cancellation policy as found in our Terms of Service:


Late Cancellation Policy - If you cannot make a class, please cancel your reservation at least 4 hours before the class begins.  To cancel, you can email or text 646.759.0957 with at least 4 hours notice. Any notice below 4 hours will be considered a late cancellation. There is a $20 fee for late cancels less than 4 hours. No shows will be charged $20. We are a small studio, please let us know if you cannot make it to class to open the spot up. Emergencies will be considered.

How do I sign up a waitlist? 

        When you book a class, if it's full you will see a button that reads JOIN WAITLIST.


How will I know I am off of the waitlist?  

You will receive an email or text message indicating you have been removed off the wait list and now have a reservation.  *Please note, in your account you will need to have subscriptions open to receive emails or texts for reminders & schedule changes*


Do I need to confirm my spot if I get moved into class?  

No, you will already be confirmed for the reservation.


Do I need to cancel if I do not want the spot?  

Yes, if you wish to no longer attend the class, please remove yourself from the class to open up the space for another student.

Friendly note: Our cancellation window is 4 hours.  If this isn't enough time for you to plan for class, please take yourself off the waitlist through the MINDBODY app.  Sometimes people cancel as early as 15 minutes before class and our waitslists reach 10-15 people at times! We are assuming if you are on the waitlist you want to get into the class.   


I’ve never tried hot yoga, what is it like?

We offer therapeutic heat, heating bodies and objects not blowing heat.  Infrared heaters produce radiant heat waves like the sun, transferring warmth to the body.  As with any new exercise, listen to your body and take breaks when you need.  If you light-headed or dizzy, sit in a kneeling position. Keep your head about your heart will make you feel better.  Focus on long slow inhales and exhales through the nose to calm the body and mind.


No matter how inflexible, injured, or out of shape you may think you are, with a regular practice, you will improve your body tremendously. Be patient with yourself. We call it yoga “practice” not yoga “perfect.” 


Our dance classes are meant to inspire and empower.  These classes are designed to cultivate body positivity, confidence and above all have fun with movement!


Movement is movement!  The key is consistency and commitment. We encourage you to try all the classes at Greylock Yoga and set your intention to start a routine, you will see the power of a movement practice.

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